The Challenges of Being a University Graduate

The Challenges of Being a University Graduate

As students continue to graduate from universities and tech colleges, more and more are struggling to find work that matches their skills. While there’s a significant proportion of graduates engaged in full-time employment, research from National Institute of Labour Studies at Flinders University shows that between 2008 and 2014, the graduates in full-time employment dropped from 56.4% to 41.7%.

Other research studies revealed that 13.6% of undergraduates in 2016 were still unemployed, up from 10.5% on the previous year. This increasing trend in unemployment only shows that the labor market is becoming more competitive. This, along with anxiety in moving on to the next level of their life makes the job hunting for fresh Australian graduates more daunting and terrifying.

The Terrifying Struggle of Australian Job Hunters

Everyone knows the struggle of finding a decent job these days. Fresh graduates, in particular, may feel stressed out until they land a job, one that is matched with their career goals and provides enough pay to support the high cost of living in Australia.

Before landing a job, newly-graduated students will have to go through numerous – and often tedious interviews and convince the prospective employers they could meet their requirements and expectations for the job.

But it is after the interview stage where many fresh graduates feel anxious the most. Some candidates lose out due to lack of hands on experience required for the job. For many, rejection may even affect their confidence to find a job again.

For those desperate to help uplift the financial situation of their family, the task of finding a job can be a real challenge. And since many of us were raised with the idea that only education is our ticket to a better life, the pressure from years of hard work and persistence to finish study also piles up during a job search.

Freelancing: A Great Start for Fresh Graduates

Making it to the real world is challenging, but in today’s difficult economic times, the challenges facing new graduates are bigger than ever. Nevertheless, if fresh graduates will only widen their perspective outside the traditional 9 to 5 job, they can surely find a lot of opportunities waiting for them.

Freelancing, which has become prevalent in many countries nowadays, has become a way for many fresh graduates across the world to gain real-world experience and earn ludicrous savings at the same time. In the U.S., freelancing is widely embraced and accepted as a form of employment. In fact, over 55 million or 35% of U.S. workers are now in the freelance industry.

Australia is not lagging behind the U.S., though. In fact, 32% of Australian workforce are freelancers in 2015. However, given the increasing number of unemployment among fresh graduates, it seems that Australian job hunters will need to catch up and stay ahead of this growing job-trend.

How Can New Graduates Find Success in Freelancing?

Today’s generation of graduates has the most advantage in utilizing social media and other digital platforms for their career success. Tech-savvy graduates can use their internet and social media skills to impress potential clients, win projects, and conduct client management, all with the help of technological tools they have at hand.

Freelancing platforms which cater primarily for undergraduates and recent graduates, such as BrainBoxol – can offer new graduates who want to give freelancing a shot all stripes of opportunity to showcase their portfolio and skills to find exciting and diverse projects in all fields.

These online platforms also make it possible for fresh graduates and even for undergraduates to gain real-world experience aligned with their current program from international businesses, thus improving their chance of employment when they apply for an office-based job.

Overall, whether as a career path or a stepping stone for a future job, freelancing can be a big step for fresh graduates looking for employment. Are you a recent university graduate looking for a break in the freelance landscape? Signup to BrainBoxol and let us show how you can build your career as a freelancer today!



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